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The System tab allows you to set parameters and detailed settings of the 4DPad.

Monitor button activates the monitoring function of the 4DPad. In addition to the overall monitoring screen (that is in the left upper part of the sys tab), it enables number boxes near the controllers on every other tab, that show all parameters for each controller.

Reset Lemur button resets all the values for all controllers to the initial value.

Output all values sends OSC messages of all controllers with the current values.

Set N of sources knob allows you to increase or decrease the number of sources that 4DPad operates. The maximum amount of sources is 24.

Orientation drop-down menu allows you to set the proper orientation of the XZ position pads, according to your position facing.

Positioning mode drop-down menu allows you to choose between direct and offset positioning modes. With the direct positioning mode, the values for XYZ positioning are sent directly to the engine as the base position of the object. The offset mode adds the position relative to the base position sent from another device (e.g. m4l).

The color drop-down menu allows switching between multicolour and monochrome modes of the 4DPad.

Draw button sends the names and colours of each sound object to the engine, which will result in the object being drawn on the 4DMonitor.

Masterphase can be used only if 4DPad is used as standalone and m4l devices are not used.