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The Modulation tab is giving an extensive control over the basic Modulation functions of the 4D Engine. This interface can control only one sound object at a time. The “select source bar” at the bottom part of the screen is used to choose a particular sound object to control corresponding to its number in the engine. Switching between sources will changes the values of the controls according to their stored parameters.

The enable button enables the modulation function of the particular object in the engine. When the button is disabled all controls on the path interface are hidden (the interface appears fully black).

With the scale knob, in the right lower corner, you can control the general scale of the modulation.

The speed knob, above the scale knob, gives control over the general speed of the modulation.

Main modulation settings controllers give a possibility to tune or set each particular settings of modulation(freq, phase, pow and depth) for each axis.

The preset pads send values to the main modulation settings controllers.

With the switch button, you can switch between presets and tuning.

The reset button, that is in the left upper corner, sets all controllers to the initial value. The button with an arrow in the circle is meant for sending all values of the tab when it’s necessary.