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On this tab, you can find basic controls for the global function of the engine. With a select source bar, you can include/exclude a particular source in/form the global group by clicking a number corresponding to the spatial object index in the engine. Only the sources included in the global group will be affected by the global functions.

Plode slider, on the bottom part of the screen, can control plode global function. Bring objects in the group closer or further away from the centre, proportionally to their position. The button on the right enables bouncing physics of the plode slider.

With global rotation knob, you can rotate global group around a certain axis. If you tap a square button inside the knob, it will turn into round shape and by giving a nudge you can automate the rotation. The slider on the side of the knob can be used to change the speed of the automated rotation.

Global position pad can be used for moving the global group horizontally, on the X-axis and the Z-axis. Double tap on the pad will bring the group to the centre. The slider on the right can be used for moving global group vertically, on the Y-axis. The button below the slider enables bouncing physics of the Y position slider.

The reset button, that is in the left-upper corner, sets all controllers to the initial value. The button with an arrow in the circle is meant for sending all values of the tab when it’s necessary.