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This tab is meant for controlling 4DMonitor application.

Left, Right, Up and Down arrows can be used to rotate the view.

With view buttons, you can set the point of view of the monitor to the predefined position.

With the Fullscreen button, you can turn on and off the fullscreen mode of 4DMonitor.

Zoom buttons ( the buttons with + and - signs) are used for bringing the view position closer or further from the centre of the virtual room.

By taping the “Hide sources” button adds a source matrix interface in Lemur patch with 24 buttons. By clicking on which button with a number you can hide or show the visualisation of a corresponding source. Tapping on “Hide sources” button again will hide the source matrix interface in Lemur patch and show all the sources on 4DMonitor. When you activate(tap) Hide sources“ button next time, it will remember the sources that you chose previously.

“Options” button allows control over some additional options of 4DMonitor such as “Night mode”, “Show Spatial Delay”, “Show speakers” and “Show names”.

“Select source bar” gives an opportunity to highlight the visualisation of a particular sound object with a corresponding number.