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 ====== Introduction ====== ====== Introduction ======
-4DSOUND is a platform for artists that want to work with spatial sound as a medium. 
-Naturalistic to surreal. 
-4DSOUND as an instrument for live performance,​ composition,​ and spatial sound design. 
-==== Who is this Wiki for? ==== 
-4DSOUND hosts artist residencies at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary, and also our partners at MONOM (Berlin, Germany) have a second venue that hosts a 4DSOUND system and does public showcases. 
-At the moment most of the 4DSOUND users are artist residents, for them this Wiki is a piece of documentation next to the training programme. However, the users of 4DSOUND next to our internal programmes will expand over time. This Wiki is also a resource to explore what we have to offer. Public versions of our beta software will be available soon.