Data & Signal Flow

Depending on context and application, 4DSOUND can run on one computer, or a combination of two (or more) computers. On this page we describe these options briefly, followed by a general flow chart that visualises a standard 4DSOUND setup.

4DSOUND can run on one computer when an audio driver is used that enables signal routing between software applications. So this is when the 4D Engine is able to receive audio internally (e.g. from Ableton Live), and it outputs to a hardware interface.

Find links to virtual audio drivers on the third party page.

In large scale systems and demanding productions 4DSOUND usually runs on two computers : An engine computer that runs the 4D.Engine, and a performance computer that runs Ableton Live with our Max for Live devices, or any other audio source and spatial OSC interface. Running audio back and forth between machines requires a reliable and flexible multichannel audio interface like Dante. When more than 2 computers are part of the same audio infrastructure, then multiple performance computers can run simultaneously.