Welcome to the 4DSOUND wiki. Here you find background information and manuals regarding 4DSOUND software.

4DSOUND is a collective exploring spatial sound as a medium. Since 2007, it has developed an integrated hardware and software system that provides a fully omnidirectional sound environment. 4DSOUND is a platform for artists and other creators that want to work with spatial sound as a medium. We argue that sound is inherently spatial and therefore our starting point is to create a sound environment with naturalistic qualities. From there we explore spatial properties in an artistic way, to create an instrument that uses spatial sound in its fullest potential, from realistic environments to surreal complex behaviour.

4DSOUND hosts artist residencies at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary. Our partners at MONOM (Berlin, Germany) and LOBE (Vancouver, Canada) operate permanent spatial sound studios with 4DSOUND systems.

This wiki is orientated on the software technology. Visit our website for more information on 4DSOUND.

This wiki is aimed at artists and creative developers who want to explore spatial sound as an expressive medium, and is used as reference documentation for 4DSOUND training. This wiki covers the 4DSOUND software suite and related technologies and interfacing.